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Past Projects


The Orphans of Port au Prince


Second Impressions prior to opening the store door - hosted several "pop-up resale stores" to benefit those in need locally and afar. One of the areas we wanted to help was an orphanage located in Port au Prince by hosting a bake sale. Our goal was to raise $1,000.00 so 26 orphans could be housed for 6 months.


From the sale of donated childrens clothing, toys and baked items we were able to raise approximately $600! Thank you to Priscilla and Leo Carrasco for heading this up and all those that baked yummy treats. The additional $400 was raised in a matter of 30 minutes with all the volunteers! This was not only a joyous day for the entire Second Impressions team but answered prayer for Pastor Jean, his wife and all the children who would now have a roof over their heads!


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Christmas 2014 for Children in Need
The children of Centro Familiar Cristiano and children from Big Brothers Big Sisters of America were blessed with a day of fun, food and festivities. Thank you to the HMOSOC team, Mehrbod Mohammadi, Tara Neh, Labi Bemanian and all the numerous volunteers, sponsors and donors who helped make this dream a reality for these children and their families. Because of all your efforts, giving and love the financial hardship during  the Christmas season was greatly lessened for these parents and little ones in need. 
Each family recieved a $50 to $100 gift card to shop for Christmas presents and 2 to 3 wrapped presents were given to each child. The festivites included a warm meal, crafts, cotton candy machine, sundaes and cookie decorating station. 


Team Chritmas 2015 

Help us care for this family in need

Second Impressions has a heart to help struggling single parents and their families. On December 6th, Sunday we will going in and transforming a struggling families home with some Holiday Cheer.


We are looking for a group of volunteers day of event and people to donate items to make this a reality for a family who lost everything due to abuse and homelessness. 


The mother is aware but the kids have no idea, it is a surprise! We will send the mother and her children away to have lunch at Chuckie Cheese and also see a movie while we do the transformation. 

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